All of our products mentioned hereinafter are not for any use of diagnostic/
therapeutic purpose, but for research use only.

Clinical Labware

Embedding Cassette

SPL Embedding Cassettes는 조직 샘플을 보관하고 구분하는데 알맞은 형태입니다.

  • ▪ Acetal polymer 재질
    ▪ 앞쪽에 경사진 표기 영역
    ▪ Cap/body 분리형 (Cat. No 400610, 40061B, 40061G, 40061P, 40061Y)

Cat. No. Material Color Type of Packaging Packaging
400600 Acetal White Bulk 2000
40060B Acetal Blue Bulk 2000
40060G Acetal Green Bulk 2000
40060P Acetal Pink Bulk 2000
40060Y Acetal Yellow Bulk 2000
400610 Acetal White Bulk 2000
40061B Acetal Blue Bulk 2000
40061G Acetal Green Bulk 2000
40061P Acetal Pink Bulk 2000
40061Y Acetal Yellow Bulk 2000